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free dobro/resonator guitar tablature


tab from ivan rosenberg's The Lost Coast CD

The Lost CoastCamp Rude Stumble (PDF)
Eel River (PDF)
Carbon County Coal (PDF)
The Lost Coast (PDF)
• Wildwood Ramble (PDF)
• The Roscoe Special (PDF)
• Dead Horse Blues (PDF)
• Dry Lagoon (PDF)

tab from ivan rosenberg's back to the pasture CD

Back to the PasturePepperwood Hollow (PDF)
   Note: there's no particular time signature for the intro to Pepperwood Hollow.
• Back to the Pasture (PDF)
• Last Light (PDF)
• Out Among the Corn (PDF)
• Split the Switch (PDF)
• Soda Springs (PDF)
• Late Night Ramble (PDF)

For those of who purchased the Bluegrass Dobro with Ivan Rosenberg DVD, here are tabs for most exercises and arrangements.

Bluegrass Dobro DVD• Chapter 3 (PDF) - roll demonstration with melody
• Chapters 4 and 5 (PDF) - forward rolls
• Chapter 6 (PDF) - roll variation
• Chapter 9 (PDF) - "crazy ivan" roll
• Chapter 12 (PDF) - roll over a D chord
• Chapter 13 (PDF) - adding hammer-on to D roll
• Chapter 15 (PDF) - roll w/index finger playing melody instead of thumb
• Chapter 16 (PDF) - same roll with moving melody note on 3rd string
• Chapter 17 (PDF) - another roll variation w/index melody
• Chapter 18 (PDF) - same roll w/ pickup notes (w/"Red River Valley" first phrase)
• Chapters 32-41 (PDF) : My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains
• Chapters 42-54 (PDF): Sunny Side of the Mountain


how to read tablature
The highest line on the staff represents the highest (1st) string on the dobro, the second highest represents the 2nd (B) string, and so on. the number represents the fret: 0 means open, 1 means 1st fret, 2 means 2nd fret, etc. "sl" means slide, "h" hammer-on, "p" pull-off. All songs are played in open G tuning, occasionally with a capo indicated. Open G tuning is used on all tab. From low to high: GBDGBD.


All images, tab and other materials © Ivan Rosenberg.